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Mellow CNC Aluminum AWD Motor Mounts VzBot Vz330

Mellow CNC Aluminum AWD Motor Mounts VzBot Vz330

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This is VzBot AWD aluminum motor mounts manufactured by Mellow

High precision CNC machined aluminum is more rigid than plastic and helps the machine to be mounted more firmly and reduce vibration. This in turn helps VzBot printers to achieve faster printing speeds while ensuring high quality prints.

What is AWD (All wheel drive)?

In a conventional CoreXY machines, a 2WD setup is used. This setup utilizes 2 stepper motors at the back or front of the machine. Recently, the VzBot project has adapted the AWD setup! This setup utilizes 2 motors on X, and 2 on Y, doubling the amount of motors for the XY plane. What are the advantages of this setup? Let's go over them:

  • Having two motors on one belt allows for a shorter effective belt length. This leads to less belt stretch, which usually gives better input shaper results.
  • The maximum useable acceleration is about 1.5x higher compared to 2WD due to the added torque.

Available raw or black anodized. 

Huge thank you to the VzBot team for the amazing printer they designed 

Link to VzBot Github
· VzBot 330 3D Printer
Package included
2x Front motor mount
Rear motor mount
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