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VzBot 235mm kit

VzBot 235mm kit

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VoBoT AWD 235 is designed by the VzBoT team, and we are fortunate to participate in the design and production. You can find information and ask for help at and
Note that some parts are not included and need to be printed by yourself.
The overall design is simple and elegant, without losing the finishing touches, and each component has both function and beauty. Black and red do not lose stability and beauty, and the metal color does not lose texture.
Special opening model material, accurate positioning, reliable connection of strengthened parts, ensuring stable and reliable large-scale work.High-transparent pc material shell, flame retardant and environmentally friendly, high temperature resistance 120 °C.
Lightweight Metal VZ Extruder and Goliath Air Hot End Make High Speed Printing Easier
The main motion structure is all-metal cnc processing, accurate positioning, simple assembly, firm and reliable, and easy to adjust. The Y-axis gantry uses custom Tc4 titanium screws for lightweight design. Four 5160 external drives drive four LDO motors to transmit torque, with strong power and smooth operation.
The lightweight design of the x-axis, the carbon rod frame is equipped with LDO 9mm guide rail, the mounting bracket is hollowed out, and it is equipped with a newly designed one-piece twill wire feeding wheel all-metal extruder to ensure more stable high-speed operation.
Two LDO 12mm guide rails on the y-axis increase the overall rigidity and run smoothly.
High-quality wear-resistant Gates belts and high-matching idler synchronous pulleys ensure precise control and longer service life of the 3D printer.
There are four 10mm optical axes on the z-axis, the preferred lengthened slider is installed, the T8 screw rod is installed with the self-designed Oldham coupling, the connecting bracket and the hot bed bracket are all metal cnc processing, which ensures the running accuracy of the z-axis, and is convenient for installation and adjustment.
Hot bed 8mm aluminum plate, 750w silica gel heating, magnetic spring steel plate, pei coating and film, which improves the heating efficiency and ensures that the flatness of the hot bed can be controlled below 0.15mm
The high-speed turbo fans on both sides and the hot end position use the WS7040 fan with the ultra-soft anti-folding Air Tube remote air supply dual model to dissipate heat.
High-performance 5-inch Dsi screen, responsive and easy to operate. Super pro 32-bit chip 550HZ motherboard provides stable high-speed signal control, using klipper high-speed firmware, supports web control, and supports DIY adding cameras (not included in the kit)
Printing Platform: Spring Steel PEI Magnetic Build Plate
Motherboard: 32-bit chip 550HZ motherboard
Screen:DSI 5" For Klipper  (Requires host computer support)
Firmware: Klipper / RRF
A host computer is required to run Klipper, which is not included with this kit. It is recommended to purchase a host computer that can use a DSI screen.
Support web control: Support
Fuselage structure: DIY assembled fuselage
Power specifications: Brand power
Cooling method: Air cooling
Feeding method: Direct drive
Slicing software: Cura/SuperSlicer
Printing accuracy: 0.1mm-1.0mm
Hot bed temperature: 120°C
Consumable diameter: 1.75MM
Product size: 560×500×548 (body size)
Printing layer thickness: 0.05-1.0 (replace different nozzles)
Print size: X235 Y235 Z205
Printing consumables: PLA/ABS/PETG/CF/PC/TPU
Molding technology: FDM
Product net weight: 21.4kg
Product gross weight: 24kg


1*VzBoT AWD 235 Kit(You need to prepare a host computer that can use the Dsi screen such as Raspberry Pi 4 and print a part of the installation parts
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