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Vzbot 330mm kit

Vzbot 330mm kit

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Kit contains

  1. 330 Frame kit
  2. 330 Cnc  Al Awd motor mounts
  3. LDO linear rails
  4. Gates GT2 6mm belt “5m” and motion components
  5. Ldo Stepper motors
  6. 330 CnC Al Z Frame assembly
  7. Hardware kit  screws/bearings/ etc
  8. 330x330x8mm build plate
  9. 750w heat pad/ magnet/pei sheet
  10. Super 8 /Dsi 5″ screen
  11. x2 2209 “E/Z”, x4 HV external 5160 “X/Y”
  12. WS7040 x1 with 15mm tube
  13. LRS 350 24v x1 / LRS 350 48x x1
  14. 24v fan kit
  15. Enough wire to complete build
  16. Cnc Al Print head bracket
  17. Vz-Hextrudort-low Al /  Vz-Hotend
  18. PC Panels

VzBot Project GitHub

Vzbot manual 


In a conventional CoreXY machine, a 2WD setup is used. This setup utilizes 2 stepper motors “A/B” at the back or front of the machine. Recently, the VzBoT project has adapted the AWD setup! This setup utilizes 2 motors on X, and 2 on Y, doubling the amount of motors for the XY plane. What are the advantages of this setup? Let’s go over them:

  • Having two motors on one belt allows for a shorter effective belt length. This leads to less belt stretch, which usually gives better input shaper results.
  • The maximum useable acceleration is about 1.5x higher compared to 2WD due to the added torque


WATER COOLED KIT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE NOT AN OPTION YET!! Water cooled is all components. Steppers, board, driver,etc. no date announced yet!! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nick Domanowski
VzBot 330 kit

Shipping was quick and Print3d kept me notified of the progress. Started printing parts for the new build. Super excited. Will be purchasing more of these kits from them in near future. Thanks again!

Excellent Purchase and Good Kit

Print3d was quick to respond to the load of questions I had about this kit with the necessary details for me to make a decision and purchase from them. What was amazing was how quickly the "pre-order" kit shipped internationally to me in the US - impressive!

The Mellow kit itself does some things very well - the CNC parts exceeded expectations; carbon fiber gantry not as much. There was missing M4 and other hardware that I unfortunately expected to be missing, so no substantial points off for that.

The packing was very robust, well thought-out and no damaged parts were received.

I wish Mellow would include an LED Light Kit along some sort of probe and a few more screws, T-Nuts, etc. that we actually need for a better experience. I don't like the touchscreen mount location and the flappy doors will quickly get replaced. The online & PDF manuals are barely passable at best and needs quite a bit of work to make this a more accessible.

I knew all these things going into this build; has it been worth my time and money? 110% yes.

I will purchase from Print3d in the future and will recommend them to others interested in purchasing this kit.